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Dented Rick

I joined this crazy place on 2010-04-28, 9 years ago.

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Not much about me is important, been married for nearly 14 years now, and although she is a soldier, she is perfect for me. For me Family is the most important thing, and everything else comes second. Everything.

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Need some advice please - 9 years ago

Personally Christina, I like the name Angelus. i myself have an unusual, and gave my son an unusual name. your child might get garbage for his name while growing up, But speaking from experience, th...

Serial Rapist - 9 years ago

Just let this Jackwad come ANYWHERE near My Dragonfly, and I'll settle his debts real quick. People like this should be castrated and dropped down a very deep hole for the rest of their life. Sor...

Deployment blues - 9 years ago

So, I'm been at Fort Hood since August and literally managed to make 1 friend that isn't a soldier in my husband's unit. I have a 6 month old daughter, and besides that I'm pretty much alone here. My ...

Another One Bites The Dust - 9 years ago

Dang I loved this group. Man alot of great people are passing, And well lets face it, so will we one day. Just not until I am damn good and ready....LOL I plan on living forever.

fishing - 9 years ago

Belton lake has some decent Bass Fishing

Not to be rude, but... - 9 years ago

Hey Folks, I've decided to sell my sanity, as I seem to not have any use for it anymore. Im sure someone out there lost theirs and could get some use out of mine. only $1, or I'd be willing to trade ...

Military mistress leaves financial ruin - 9 years ago

I too feel sorry for the families, but I think cheaters suck! Didn't their mommas ever tell them "Cheaters never WIN!!!" lol I also think Cheaters suck, but ultimatly the ones who suffer t...

eww. - 9 years ago

Thanks LaLa, I couldn't remember her name. I agree, she did an AWSOME Job in Monster

unit 1-44 ada - 9 years ago

Unfortunatly, whether a unit is a good one or a bad one is something you can only find out once your husband is in the unit. Also info regarding where and when they deploy, and other info about the U...

eww. - 9 years ago

Anyone remember what that one actress did for the movie "Monster". The movie was about a murderess. i can't remember the actresses name, but visually she is stunning, in the movie she looked downrig...

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