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Common nonsense

I joined this crazy place on 2009-06-21, 9 years ago.

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Getting our HHG delivered today:) - 8 years ago

*stalking us* not gathering us all up in boxes. ;P

herrow! - 8 years ago

This is one of those..."not sure how to respond" type posts. If you come back, we'll be here (if you can't remember who I am from the screen name, my little one used to play with your little one (or ...

We Made It To Cove:) - 8 years ago

The nearest pool is the Cove city pool, which doesn't open until the end of May. And then it's extremeley crowded and has the dumbest hours. It's really close though. If you go out the back way (o...

We Made It To Cove:) - 8 years ago

When I was out walking the other day I saw a new family moving in with a grey dog out front and I wondered if it was your family. You should try to make a run out to Round Rock to Ikea. The outl...

We Made It To Cove:) - 8 years ago

without coming off as too stalker-ish, do you have a grey pitbull looking dog?

Car Shops - 8 years ago

[i]i meant bens repair shop in cove! [/i] I've heard good things about Ben's.

did i say i need some motivation???? - 8 years ago

I posted a link on my facebook a couple of days ago that said "it looks like she went with the pixie cut" and a friend actually emailed me and said "would you please stop picking on him". Really?? I...

Electric Companies In Copperas Cove - 8 years ago

And as far as the water goes, you can pay in town or have it automatically taken out. We have it taken out so we don't forget. If you mail it in, it goes out to Waco first, then back to Cove and win...

Electric Companies In Copperas Cove - 8 years ago

You pay sewer but it goes through the city with your water. It'll be part of your water bill.

IKEA - 8 years ago

Oh and it's right next door to an outlet mall. 2 in one shopping.

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