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Haunted houses....

who's talking here?

phat bottom girl 2
Tamaralb82 10
I R Babboon 3
pinkhoney19 11
Mouht of the South 12
YeaYeaYeas 1
a3505513uu 2

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I R Babboon --- 13 years ago -

lol... it does kinda look like it right... or is i just me? 

Mouht of the South --- 13 years ago -

Yeah it does but that could have been my fat asses side that I lay on. LOL 

pinkhoney19 --- 13 years ago -

i didnt see nething...it could just be the type of blanket it is lol 

Tamaralb82 --- 13 years ago -

oh wow it does, where the small little orb thing is lol. 

Mouht of the South --- 13 years ago -

I love that blanket. I went crazy with the pictures. I took pics of the whole house. 

Mouht of the South --- 13 years ago -

Yeah I know. I said it was dust but you just never know 

Tamaralb82 --- 13 years ago -

I can't wait to get my house in order and take pictures of everything. But first I need to get rid of all the bright colors. It looks too much like a gay mans crayon box down stairs lol :\ 

I R Babboon --- 13 years ago -

yeah... it looks like something is just laying on top... making it go in like the shape of a body... idk. maybe im just crazy!!! but if you see it too now... 

a3505513uu --- 8 years ago -

I live in Comanche 3, the older housing and I'm sure there are things here. We have lived here three years, I've heard a girl laughing, toys move, I've heard things on stairs and a big thud downstairs I've also felt someone sit next to me on my bed. This isn't funny it scares me to death. The house connected to ours is empty but I hear someone in there walking on hardwood floors we have carpet 

a3505513uu --- 8 years ago -

If anyone knows how to stop these things please message me. 

YeaYeaYeas --- 8 years ago -

I would be curious to know what house you live in because that sounds nearly identical to the experiences we had in our house when we lived in the C3's. 

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