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work from home

who's talking here?

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MrsCarissa --- 12 years ago -

who does and what do they do i know there was a thing up earlier about something with working from home i want to get some kind of income for up here at my in laws but since i am trailing in December through January no one will hire but if i do it via the computer or from home i can have it travel with me 

ALEM --- 12 years ago -

I sent you a PM. 

~*Tamara*~ --- 12 years ago -

no doubt I need something also since the hubs is coming home! 

LovinMySoldier329 --- 12 years ago -

i also need a work-from-home job! especially with the holiday around the corner. anyone have any ideas? 

LovinMySoldier329 --- 12 years ago -


mrsridd --- 12 years ago -

i always see ads for this but am too scared to try it out... would be nice to find a legit one 

~*Tamara*~ --- 12 years ago -

I know Teletech does at home work which is a in bound call center but you have to have it completely quiet during work hours and well yeah that would be pointless for me with my screamer. 

SMELLMYFEET --- 12 years ago -

yep and there hiring and they have set schedules and its legit!!!!!!!!!! 

~*Tamara*~ --- 12 years ago -

I use to work for one of there actual call centers in Tampa. 

~*Tamara*~ --- 12 years ago -

oh and most jobs they start out over $8 an hour. But at home they only offer part time for 4 hours a day for 4 to 5 days a week. 

MrsCarissa --- 12 years ago -

see i can do that here cause my inlaws are homeschooled so i have family to help with matt and then ill have david when he gets home 

~*Tamara*~ --- 12 years ago -

I'm going to apply after nick gets home and things get settled. 

princess- --- 12 years ago -

i work from home. ratracerebellion.com has a list of great jobs for work at home. 

εiз R.B.M.P. --- 12 years ago -

i would love to work from home, with 3 kids we really need the extra income. 

MrsCarissa --- 12 years ago -

yeah we need it to get what we want but i am travling right now so i cant get a walmart job or anything 

susimaru --- 8 years ago -

i also need a work-from-home job! especially with the holiday around the corner. anyone have any ideas?

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