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deployments suck

who's talking here?

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Krystle --- 9 years ago -

my hubbie left this morning for Korea and he didnt have enough time left in to take us with him i hate deployments this isnt our first and THANK GOD its our last we are out after this 

B!tchface --- 9 years ago -


gooseswifey --- 9 years ago -

Ya they do. My husband's unit is deploying this month and next month. My husband is delayed deployed until I have the baby in September, but he will leave a week or so after. The closer it gets the more "depressed" about it I am getting. I was trying to be all tough and stuff, but realized maybe the only reason it wasn't bothering me as much was because I hadn't thought about how bad it sucks coming home to no one or sleeping alone.

I guess with the baby I will not be "alone"....but a baby can't talk to you! lol 

B!tchface --- 9 years ago -


Bust a Ho --- 9 years ago -


Krystle --- 9 years ago -

lol country girl I have 2 boys the baby is 11 months and wont remember this but my 4 year old tonight at dinner was telling me to set daddys plate too so I made an extra plate and sat it there for "daddy" i miss him so much he hasnt called yet so he probly hasnt gotten there yet 

Sanders_Wifey --- 9 years ago -

Yepp, they suck. I'm officially starting day three. It's our first one, and my hubby plans to stay in for life, so it definitely won't be our last. 

KellyP --- 9 years ago -

...but on the other hand, Korea is awesome! Where was he going Krystle? If you don't mind me asking or saying that is. 

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