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Thanks a Million Joe

who's talking here?

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KellyP --- 9 years ago -

If your soldier has deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan you may wish to check out this link :)

JC Penny's Thanks A Million Joe offer 

fattypatty --- 9 years ago -

already did this husband was not to happy thou to fax over his erb to prove he was in the military or scan it made him wonder a tiny bit and they there is no guarntee you will get its a pool of 5,000 people your up against 

KellyP --- 9 years ago -

You didn't have to choose the ERB with all that personal info on it! Didn't he get an AAM or something simple from the deployment? 

fattypatty --- 9 years ago -

yes but its in storage since this house is to small for us and its a man thing (lazy) where he does not want to go and get it out love lazy people 

KellyP --- 9 years ago -

lol, but the site did give a link of another site where you can pull up military records instantly on digits :) Awards included! 

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