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Schools around the area...New family pcsing soon

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asemilla --- 12 years ago -

Hello all, like most ppl seeking help my family will be moving to the area the end of the year. I would love any information about the schools in the area. Which ones you think are best and which ones you feel are best left alone. I've been doing lots of research on the greatschools website and it worries me that I am only seeing 8 out of 10 ratings and this is the highest in the area. I have a son going into the 2nd grade and like most parents only want the best i can give him. Sorry i forgot to mention i am only asking about elementary schools. 

GreatestNinjaEver --- 12 years ago -

When we first moved to Hood my son who was in 2nd grade at the time went to Trimmier Elementary in Killeen. He loved it there and I was really happy with the school as well. It was very well kenp and the staff was very helpful. My son needed a iep badly and his previous school would not help at all. With in a month of him starting they had it all locked down and now he is doing wonderful. He is going into the 5th grade this year. That was 3 years ago so it could have changed but they also had very small class size. He only had 12 kids in his class. Mine also went to Montague on post which my kids and myself loved to death. There is a dress code on post but not off. Good luck and welcome 

asemilla --- 12 years ago -

thanks for the info I will look into both schools. 

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