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question about tdy

who's talking here?

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nicki aka german pal 1 --- 10 years ago -

hello all of ya ladys ok my hubby had the first time to deal with tdy he signed his info into dts before he left for his training .now my question is when would he get it deposited ???he is back now 9 days .
just wonder cause we never dealt with that :) 

KellyP --- 10 years ago -

Check with Finance Nicki. It's been so long since we've dealt with TDY so we aren't much help. Hubby says it SHOULD be submitted after returning from the TDY...but we aren't sure anymore. Finance will be able to give you the straight answer and look to see if it has been submitted yet and where it is in the process. 

Ich bin Batman --- 10 years ago -

When my husband last went, his TDY pay was in our account within a week of his return. I am pretty sure it went through his S1, so that would be a good start. 

nicki aka german pal 1 --- 10 years ago -

thanx ya well he got back on the31th and they did the dts thing before he left .so far its not there hopefully they hurry up with it 

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