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whats with housing?

who's talking here?

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a3967070uu --- 10 years ago -

i just got here ( after 30 + days of leave )and housing keeps telling me a date to move in and sign a lease but we r still sitting in a motel now we are looking at next week ( we are hoping ) i just feel that if you say one thing stick to it and yes we call everyday and even go into the office any advice ladies ? 

WASucks --- 10 years ago -

Great, this is what we have to look forward to when we get there in a few months. 

a3967070uu --- 10 years ago -

make sure if you live onpost now the day you sing out of housing you fax your app over that day we finally got a house plus if you need to stay un lodging post isnt to bad deoending if you have pets and how many dependents are with you housing even made it up buy letting get my keys on a saturday :) 

Blondie --- 10 years ago -

We came from Riley to Hood and they had a house waiting for us. 

WASucks --- 10 years ago -

I sure hope our house is ready by the time we get there. 

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