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Doctors in the area?

who's talking here?

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MrsA --- 10 years ago -

We just moved to the Ft Hood area and I am needing to get in to see a Gyno and was wondering where on earth Im suppose to call or if anyone knows of any good doctors in the area as well? 

Blondie --- 10 years ago -

We got here this year as well and for the life of me can't figure out which number on a list I was given that I'm suppose to call, lol, thinking about calling Tricare to see if they can give out numbers. 

Candy Jane --- 10 years ago -

Dr Sosa at Kings Daughters is a WONDERFUL OBGYN!! 

Kelly Take2 (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

Yes, Tricare would be your first call...that's what they are there for. You may need to be switched to Tricare South to get any 'paid for care' and they set you up with your doctors and proper, current, area provider list. Once you know you are good to go in the area, I believe the available providers can be found on the Tricare website. I just used my PCM as my gyno and never needed to be referred out for more specialized services, but they would if it was needed or if you request it from your PCM. 

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