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It's sad to have to lie... Or hide the truth because of so much hate

who's talking here?

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Candy Jane --- 6 years ago -

. But enjoy ladies! I thought things had changed but the ones who want to hate will continue to hate!

Yes it's me Candy Goulet! I shouldn't feel I have to hide who I rudely am in order to get some answers to a few questions! This is really sad an annoying to be honest!
I shouldn't have to act as someone else and play around in 3 rd party! I'm not a sick person, in fact I'm my husbands caregiver! I almost never leave my home to care for his daily needs and when I do I am only gone a short period of time!
I left Ft Hood and the drama continued here in Hood all abou me for months and months till one day it stopped! But then starts up every time some mentions my name!
I wasn't half the people who started things , this drama RUINED MY LIFE!!
I had MP or KPD at my home too many times! I hid inside due to being afraid someone would notice me and hurt me because of whom ever it was calling others names! It became fun for others to pretend to be me and then start again!!!
Hate me if you must, but I thought maybe; just maybe... You'd all have grown up and gotten over the crap and maybe; just maybe give me a chance to prove I'm not so bad!!
I've had the same BEST FRIEND for 4 yrs now I met her of here; and she was one of the few who wanted to know the real me: not the person you all made me out to be!
I don't have multiple personalities, I am JUST ME!
I have a few close friends and others who hate will just have to hate!
It used to bother me to have you all dislike and or hate me, now I don't care!
I hate the fact that I have to hide who I am and lie to get answers! I got the true answers I needed an I will continue to ask more questions hoping someone is kind enough to answer, and I hope the nice ladies will do so!
I'm only around for a short persons of time then I'm off to live out of state and you will all be able to continue to show Hood a bad name of haters who never got a chance to meet the real me!
It's sad actually; judging others by what you are told or hear rather than by meeting me in person! God is the only person who opinion I cre about and the only one who can truly judge me! 

Candy Jane --- 6 years ago -

If you hate me then don't comment! If I'm being nice then what's the issues?!? 

Kelly Take2 (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

The issue is that you DID lie...and right away! No one gives a hoot who anyone is behind a random screen name like Texas Gal. No mention of who you were or what happened in the past was ever necessary. You could have remained Texas Gal and just been friendly, nice, and helpful. Acting as a 3rd party and all this pretending, fake, and boo hoo is what pisses people off. It's 3rd grade childish behavior and we are supposed to all be adults on here. You spoke about yourself in the 3rd person and that is a serious sign of mental issues and you obviously still need more help!
Either you stop spamming up the site with your life story and drama (which it is when you add on the poor me to every topic), grow up and have a normal conversation that isn't all about you and your issues, or leave HU please.
I don't hate you...I hate what the mention of your name and your behavior did to HU and it's members. You put me through hell on here and I will not let you do it again. Just 'being nice' isn't going to prevent the vomit that forms in my throat just seeing your name on here again. 

Candy Jane --- 6 years ago -

I'm tryin not to make this all about me, trust me I hate it too!
I felt I needed to lie in order to get a answer, just like I asked a question and from you Kelly I get a answer with nothing!
I am hated for things not all my fault! Things that I couldn't control unless it was me myself talking!
I didn't start the BS on CL or here, I did admit to lowing this time and trying to play it off, not very good at that crap so I came out told you who I was and that I'm asking for the rumors to stop. Yet as a MOD your allowing the name calling and rumors to continue! 

Kelly Take2 (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

I am not the only MOD on here anymore and we work as a collaborative effort and will use different tactics this time if need be. I don't see name calling or rumors continuing...you are proving it all true. You do this to yourself, don't turn anything onto me as I will not delete, edit, ICE, or stop anyone from calling you out. I am not your superhero and if you continue to act this way you will have to reap the results. 

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