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DITY and Military move

who's talking here?

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MrsCummings --- 10 years ago -

In march 2012 we did a DITY move from Fort Riley to here. We moved off post though. Now we are moving onto post in march 2013. My question is will the military move us on post? I have been told they will move you one time on post and since we didn't move on post they should. I would like to know if anyone has done this? 

Silverkitten --- 10 years ago -

We moved from Riley to here in 2011 and lived off post just like you. When we decided to move on post we were told we had to move on our dime. The military only pays for one move now. They don't care if they payed you or a moving company it still counts as one move. When we lived at Ft. Lewis and Fort Riley the first time (did Riley twice) they payed to move us on post. With budget cuts they don't do that any more. We found a company out of Austin that charged $200 for the first hour and $100 an hour after that for three guys and a moving truck. We spent %500 because we only had them move our furniture. We signed for housing on the 20th but were fully payed up on our rental house until the end of the month. So we had them move our furniture and then had 10 days to move our other things by car and clean. It worked out great! I guess it depends on when you sign for housing. Congratulations on getting housing. What area are you going to be in? 

Silverkitten --- 10 years ago -

oops I meant $500 not %500 

Kelly Take2 (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

The only reason they might pay for the move onto post would be if you were on the waiting list for that long. I believe Silverkitten will prove to be correct though, only one move paid for per PCS orders. It used to be once every 12 months with extenuating circumstances being the reason the move to post was necessary.
With the budget cuts, we'll be lucky to even see money on the LES in a few months! 

Silverkitten --- 10 years ago -

Kelly and Mrscummings, we lived off post for a year before moving on post. Sadly like I said, without PCS orders or a medical emergency you have to move yourself. 

a4112765uu --- 10 years ago -

My husband has a soldier that just moved on post from off and the military moved them. And there were no orders or emergency. 

LovinArmyLife --- 10 years ago -

They military will only pay once unless there is an emergency or a justified exception to policy. If that's not the case then you need to do it on your own dime.
If I were you I would have a bar BQ and have your hubby invite his buddies over to help move. 

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