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housing ?

who's talking here?

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KayzMa --- 10 years ago -

hmm..dk if any1 checks this sight anymore, but crossing fingers. lol we're pcsing in a couple months and i was just hoping to get some info on how exactly the whole living on post thing works at fort hood. i've read some things where they mention mayors?? what exactly is their whole role in the community? also the hubs is an E6 and we have 3 girls..anybody care to recommend a neighborhood? thanks for any info. 

LovinArmyLife --- 10 years ago -

Heres the site for the Fort Family housing: http://www.forthoodfh.com/

Do you know what unit he is going to? I can tell you what side of post you would want to be on. 

KayzMa --- 10 years ago -

yah i checked out the housing site, but it doesn't really give me a lot of info on how things r run there. i'm still trying to come to terms with the whole no gate guards for some housing? so i wanted to know what exactly the mayor of these communities actually does or power they have because right now i'm thinking worst case scenario's where someone on a power trip telling me what i can and can't do with my yard,house, etc..lol. he's going to an ac/rc unit 1st batallion 393rd infantry regiment. we have no clue what he's gonna be doing there and have gotten no info about the unit except that they work north of fort hood? could be wrong. lol 

Kelly Take2 (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

The Mayor thing was basically just giving a voice to the people. Along with the Mayors, we had "street Captains" which were supposed to be your first line of correction or concern. Mayors are voted in by the community members and they don't have any more power than the Housing Area Managers who are Senior NCOs who can be either nice or ridiculously rude or anywhere in between. They sure as heck will tell you what you can and can't do to your house/yard though. It is all stated in the Housing rule book already though. They don't make up rules for each of the different areas so much.
The unit you are mentioning may very well be on what is called "North Fort Hood" which is a good drive away from any of these housing areas. You may want to consider off post housing in the Gatesville area.
You have the right to turn down any house in any community if you don't like it and get back on the waiting list. This way you could avoid living in the few housing areas that don't have 24/7 gate guards. That' only 3 housing areas that I can think of and sometimes they have them, sometimes they don't. The crime rates were no higher in those areas without guards if that makes you feel any better. 

KayzMa --- 10 years ago -

thanks so much for the info. i was totally picturing someone yelling at me because my grass was an inch to high for their liking. lol. i don't mind so much about not having gate guards, i just didn't know on post housing didn't have that anymore. but i think i'll try looking for off post housing seeing as all the rants on the housing facebook page is making it sound like i'll be car jacked in my own garage or live in mold infested houses. lol. but i'll look into the gatesville area. :) 

a4112765uu --- 10 years ago -

We live on West ft hood in Montague. We love it over here. There are guards. It's very quiet and traffic to and from main post is easy since the traffic is going the opposite way. We are in the two story four bedrooms. There is a shoppette, elem. school, pool, bank and medical clinic over here. 

a4112765uu --- 10 years ago -

Also, we have been here 6 months and have e never heard a thing from mayor. Don't even know who it is! Lol 

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