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PCS from Carson to Hood and Expecting!! INFO PLEASE

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kidodditie --- 9 years ago -

We are pcsing to Ft Hood in Oct and I will be just started my 3rd trimester. How is the hospital there? Anyone have any advice on where i should start? How hard is it to find decent housing offpost? ive heard alot of good and alot of bad about Hood.. Any and all information would be awesome!
Thanks :) 

Kelly Take2 (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Housing is very quick & easy to secure off post, easier if you are looking for less than 4 bedrooms.
The hospital used to be hit or miss. I don't know how it has been lately, so I can't exactly answer that one. Scott & White is an affiliate hospital about 30 minutes away and is amazing!
Start with changing your Tricare Region (if you aren't South already) at the Tricare office on post and select your doctor and OB.
Hood is exactly what you've heard, good and bad. It mainly depends on you and what you make of it ;) Welcome to the Great Place! (You'll understand that in October ;) 

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