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Pregnancy and delivery???

who's talking here?

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BrittaneyLund --- 9 years ago -

Hello! I was wondering where would be the best place to have appointments and to deliver at? I am leaning away from darnall. Where exactly is Scott and white? And how is metroplex? And experiences with those two would be great :) thanks! 

Blondie --- 9 years ago -

Darnall has a new women's center and are more focused on letting women birth naturally. I can't wait to have a baby there. 

foreverlove --- 9 years ago -

I have had 2 babies at Darnall and will be having another baby there next year. Both previous times its gone really well. The nurses are nice, I got room to myself both times. The womens clinic is a lot better now though. If you are looking to deliver elsewhere maybe Metroplex? I was born there 24 years ago so not sure how they are now lol. 

foreverlove --- 9 years ago -

Oh and scott and white is in Temple. A further drive but a very nice Hospital. No its great! My father has epilepsy and his doctors and nurses there are great and my mother in law gets heart care there and its been great for the most part. My sister went there 4 years ago and seemed like they didn't know what her problem was and just kept running her around, then they sent her to Darnall where she got some care and was able to be released. 

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