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Med board process

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blahblahblah --- 9 years ago -

Is anyone else going through the med board process? My husband is being med boarded for bipolar disorder and possibly for his two ankle surgeries. He has already seen his peblo and done his va paperwork. He has a few appointments with the va left to go then I guess the MEB has everything they need. My question is concerning his commanders letter, in it she talks about what a great soldier he is and how she thinks he should be retained. He does his job and does it well despite his condition, but it is stressful for him and he sometimes explodes and lets it all out at home. I know he is stressed and he needs out of the military but I am concerned that this letter will keep him in. Even if it doesn't keep him in it might affect his rating due to the fact, or at least the appearance that he is able to produce and do his job. Hearing Him talk it sounds like he'd been better off if he was a dirtbag instead of a good soldier. Does anyone know how much weight the commanders letter carries? Should he be worried? Can he do something about it? I know it sounds silly to want a bad commanders letter but if this effects his rating it is a big deal and we need to do something about it sooner rather than later. I appreciate any help. Thx 

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