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Who runs Fort Hood Area Events on FB?

who's talking here?

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Anonymouse --- 8 years ago -

I don't know WHO this Army wife is but she is pissing me off. I got blocked from the page because I corrected some absolutely FALSE information that she put out on her page which would have been potentially damaging to anyone who took it to heart, as well as explaining that III Corps cannot allow this woman's opinion to be representative of the installation to someone who was demanding III Corps pay this woman for being on Facebook all day.

I am a veteran and I am involved in a LOT of things in this area that people would benefit from and she has completely blocked me from being able to effectively communicate with people to help them and advertise these events and causes.

Will someone tell her to grow up and unblock all the people who she apparently feels threatened by? Completely ridiculous. I've heard that she has blocked a bunch of women that appeared to have "corrected" her. Put your big girl panties on and maybe try talking to someone directly instead of childishly blocking them from a page that is SUPPOSED to have nothing to do with you personally! 

Silverkitten --- 8 years ago -

What was the post about? Why did she block you for correcting her, and who said she should get paid? I have looked at the page a time or two but mostly to see what was playing at the drive in. 

Anonymouse --- 8 years ago -

I cannot remember exactly what it was but she was endorsing a company that is known for swindling soldiers. She has also spread misinformation about military activities (she thinks she knows everything but she certainly does not, she is not a soldier!) Some other random wife that is apparently a friend of hers went and posted on the III Corps page that the FHAE woman should be paid for what she does, by Fort Hood! I correct her and then BAM, blocked. 

Silverkitten --- 8 years ago -

That is why I hate Facebook. No one has to own up to being wrong, they can delete it and block you. You have no way of knowing who they really are. It is a shame they would endorse a company known for swindling the majority of its readers. However if they delete the comments of those who have been duped no one will know not to trust them. 

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