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MrsStaples --- 7 years ago -

So my husband and I got married in-route so I was not on his orders when we came to Ft. Hood. Due to this, we spent our first 10 days in a hotel paying out of pocket... (We had to make an arrangement with the hotel because we didn't come here with more than $200 and take out an AER loan) Once his sergeant found out she immediately helped us get the loan and a place on post. We thought it was great... at first.
We started in Walker until our house randomly became over run by cockroaches... I'm from NH, I don't do three inch cockraoches! (Yes I keep a clean home) After putting us in a hotel for another 10 days, they moved us to McNair. Now it's not that I hate McNair, but tell me, is it cheaper to live off post? My husband just became and E3 so it isn't like we are making millions, but does anyone have experience with living on and off post? 

Silverkitten --- 7 years ago -

Living off post is not cheaper! The water bill is high and the piece to keep your home cool in the summer is outrageous as well. I know it might not be your favorite home but save up your money now wile you can. Also you will have to break your lease and that can be expensive too. 

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