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just hanging around

I joined this crazy place on 2009-09-03, 13 years ago.

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Im a mother of 3 and a wife first and most importantly. i go to school to become a medical transcriptionist. I pretty much stay home with the kids, take care of the house and dogs, and help out my husband however i can.

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Hair?? - 12 years ago

Ya I have had to go to a salon once to have my hair stripped before but I have never done it myself. I am thinking since its not terribly noticeable that i have blonde (looks like the top is sunbleach...

Hair?? - 12 years ago

So I dyed my hair Auburn about 6 months ago and I have tried repeatedly to dye it blond. Well needless to say it is still brownish red and the roots are now blonde. Anyone else have this issue and how...

Is 12 too young? - 12 years ago

Justine-perms are terrible at that age. My mom tried to do them in my hair and i would have crazy frizzy hair for about a week then I would have my straight hair back. I wouldn't bother with the neutr...

Is 12 too young? - 12 years ago

If you are worried about messing up her hair, I say go talk to a professional stylest and see if they think that it would be safe for her hair and make sure to use a really good brand. Talking about t...

Is 12 too young? - 12 years ago

My worst was this orange color after my deep red faded out. I stripped the color out of my hair after that. Even green looked better then that in my hair lol. Kelly- You have a point, I always was c...

I got this totally F'd up email today.... wow nice of someone! - 12 years ago

I would tell the police that since it is illegal they are required to do something about it and that if it was not a scam anyones blood would be on their hands. I would also take it to the news becaus...

Is 12 too young? - 12 years ago

I think its a way to let them express themselves without it being something completely insane

Is 12 too young? - 12 years ago

I say do it. I started about that age. My mom also made me go to a professional until i was 13 then she started letting me do it myself. natural colors are always fun if she wants anything crazy (unna...

Cheap flights - 12 years ago

What websites or travel sites has anyone used to find discounted flight tickets? I am trying to take a trip back home to Iowa from pennsylvania for the fair this year to help out at the family stands ...

Should housing take any responsibility? - 12 years ago

Ya i completely want to scream and i actually did scream at the guys that came to my house to try and do shit to me and i flipped on them (which i made them go outside and my children go in their room...

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