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LO caity VE

I joined this crazy place on 2009-04-26, 9 years ago.

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I'm just curious....... - 6 years ago


I'm just curious....... - 6 years ago

ahahahahaha. it was a riot. i miss this site so much. are y'all on fb fort hood wives group at least!? something to keep y'all entertained while this is sort of out where the buses aren't running?! :P...

I'm just curious....... - 6 years ago

i actually looked up some old posts by just posting the persons name, and i read it all over again, and was like aaaaah! the dramaaaaa...lol

I'm just curious....... - 6 years ago

bahahaha, yessssssssssss! :D lmao!!!!!! :D

I'm just curious....... - 6 years ago

DITTO!!!!! i looked up a certain someones name on google, and the stuff that came up was UNREAL!!!!! i was like omg! other underground sites. LMFAO!!!!

I'm just curious....... - 6 years ago

dude this site was crazy about 2 years ago. the drama was totally insane. ahhaha and i actually still check it, but you're right...it is dead. I want it back to when it was awesome. I remember I came ...

just a warning :) - 8 years ago

joe had it baddd. i felt awful for him. thank goodness i wasnt around, and im at school so that i wouldn't get it. hope you all who are unfortunate in the immediate future get better soon.

HI! - 8 years ago

hey ladies, its been a while...ive been so busy. at school in colorado. we had a snow day, which is why im able to get on here. lol. classes are going well. cant wait to be done with this term. but lo...

Hey Everyone! - 8 years ago

hello everyone! sorry you havent seen too much of me. joe and i discussed about me coming to school so he wouldn't hear me constantly talk about how i wish i went...so i got on a plane on sunday and ...

i just did the scariest thing... - 8 years ago

i just made the biggest decision ever...was to go to school, leave home, and be on my own....all by myself :( im so scared :( i thought coming down to texas was going to be hard...but now im getting t...

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