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I'm just curious.......

who's talking here?

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WASucks --- 10 years ago -

How come this site is so dead?

I am guessing a lot of people are not aware of it?

I also checked out Fort Hood Yard Sales and that
is pretty dead to. 

a1709082uu --- 10 years ago -

I'm thinking it has something to do with the availability of fun in the area. Fort Leonard Wood's site is pretty hoppin' sometimes, necause there's nothing else to do! 

Silverkitten --- 10 years ago -

I guess they had a lot of drama a while back so everyone bolted. 

FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

There was a ton of drama from a certain individual a while back. Most everyone left because of it. We would love to get the word back out about it and get it rolling again. It use to be so great. A lot of us girls would meet at Starbucks and get coffee and you always had someone to listen day or night if you had a problem. It was pretty fantastic. So spread the word around :D 

WASucks --- 10 years ago -

Will do cause this is the only way I really know how to get info. about things and be able to meet some nice ladies and hang out with. 

LO caity VE --- 10 years ago -

dude this site was crazy about 2 years ago. the drama was totally insane. ahhaha and i actually still check it, but you're right...it is dead. I want it back to when it was awesome. I remember I came on here and needed a ride from austin airport, and 2 wives were totally on top of it same day and offered to come and get me! This great is awesome when it has no drama... maybe we should advertise it again on facebook... thats where everyone seems to be, but i do agree...this site is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL 

LovinArmyLife --- 10 years ago -

I check it once in awhile as well. I agree 2-3 years ago it was a riot. Some days more interesting than others :) 

Megz (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

some days I really miss the crazy days and nights on hood. LOL. Ive been bogged down in school work and looking for a job so havent been able to get on here as much :( 

Ich bin Batman --- 10 years ago -

It was HU that made my stay in the Hood pass by fast. It strangely kept me sane... Probably from watching all the insanity. Honestly, I miss those days... Wish we had something even close around here...

Remember the constant battles with CL Rants and Raves? 

FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

Yes! Those nights were the best! It made deployments go by so much faster. There was always something that made you laugh! 

LovinArmyLife --- 10 years ago -

OMG it made some nights so interesting and funny. I wonder what ever happened to some of the people..... 

LO caity VE --- 10 years ago -

DITTO!!!!! i looked up a certain someones name on google, and the stuff that came up was UNREAL!!!!! i was like omg! other underground sites. LMFAO!!!! 

FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

I am pretty sure I know what name you looked up. Lol 

LO caity VE --- 10 years ago -

bahahaha, yessssssssssss! :D lmao!!!!!! :D 

LO caity VE --- 10 years ago -

i actually looked up some old posts by just posting the persons name, and i read it all over again, and was like aaaaah! the dramaaaaa...lol 

LovinArmyLife --- 10 years ago -

You just had to give me the google idea. Wow someone sure did'nt go far. 

FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

Hahaha I did that too. She got me wondering what she was finding. Crazy.Lol 

LO caity VE --- 10 years ago -

ahahahahaha. it was a riot. i miss this site so much. are y'all on fb fort hood wives group at least!? something to keep y'all entertained while this is sort of out where the buses aren't running?! :P 

BigBootyJudy --- 10 years ago -

Hmmmm.... This is making me wonder. We had a troll on Leonard Wood Underground... Who was also on Lewis and LeJune underground causing drama. ALWAYS at the computer causing issues..... You could google this person's name and find all kinds or drama they had caused.... Wonder if it's the same person?? 

FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

Wouldnt surprise me...lol.

Im not at Hood anymore or I would be. These east coast chicks keep ya busy though. There is a couple that make the crazy one at Hood look tame...lol. 

LovinArmyLife --- 10 years ago -

I remember the days when the Ice box would be full. Seriously, HU used to be a blast to run away to. Like a Jerry Springer site. 

Michell --- 10 years ago -

Jerry Springer didnt' even touch this site back then... 

LO caity VE --- 10 years ago -


Blondie --- 10 years ago -

There really isn't anything going on here. I use to go to Riley U but there was too much drama. Stay at home mama here could use some convo, lol. 

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