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I joined this crazy place on 2009-04-10, 14 years ago.

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Hi! and Roll Call - 10 years ago

As you can see not much but ehh we are still here :D Good to see you Nicki! I hope your husbands med board goes smooth and yall will get your transfer!

Hi! and Roll Call - 10 years ago

We are finally getting settled in our house. Sorry Ive been slacking on my duties. Im back though and hope everyone is doing good and welcome to the new people! Who is all still here :D

Breathing life back to Ft. Hood - 10 years ago

She is dealing with personal issues.

Breathing life back to Ft. Hood - 10 years ago

Silver I remember your screen name from Riley. She was just using it as an example not that you really are :) I wasn't a mod when the Candy crap happened but I will say this also. I'm in agreement wit...

Elisha at Salons of Elm Square - 10 years ago

I used her in Kansas! She does a great job

Fort Hood... doesn't look like it did in the brochure! - 10 years ago

Nope not that bad. We have lived in a lot worse areas for traffic. They make Hood look easy. One place it took almost 2 hours to get the 8 miles from our house to the mall. Thats how it is on a daily...

looking for advice and help navigating military when im civilian raising a military dependant - 10 years ago

Operation homefront is a great program with lots of resources. Also maybe try the USO. They usually do things for Christmas also for kids. Locally not within the military community there is toys for t...

Welcome - 10 years ago

I hope things get easier for you JustcallmeSuz. Moves are never easy on anyone. There are a lot of great people at Hood. You just have to sort them out :D

Army Wives, Alaska - 10 years ago

I dont like it at all. It puts us in a bad light. Its all scripted for the ratings.

Breathing life back to Ft. Hood - 10 years ago

Kelly and I still have husbands in the military. Technically until Megz divorce is final she does too. The mods havnt had to moderate anything in a long time. Kara who is the admin mod is the only one...

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