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looking for advice and help navigating military when im civilian raising a military dependant

who's talking here?

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nana --- 10 years ago -

Is there any way to get help for my granddaughter for this Christmas? I have been raising her myself while her parents do their thing. Her dad was recently sent back to the states but not back to hood to bliss. Her mom still lives in killeen but doesn't bother with her. I just can't stand to break her heart when Santa comes and she doesn't get much because her selfish parents choose to waste even her allotment. 

Silverkitten --- 10 years ago -

If the allotment is set up right it should go right to your bank and they can't touch it. First off contact the chain of command in the fathers unit and explain the situation. Next I would call Operation Home Front http://www.operationhomefront.net/contactus.aspx
and tell them what is going on. Toys for the Troops might help as well
Good luck and God bless you. 

Silverkitten --- 10 years ago -

On a side note I did find some fun inexpensive things at the Family Dollar for my kids. I got a generic LaLa Loopsy doll for $5. My six year old won't know the difference. Again, good luck and God bless. 

FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

Operation homefront is a great program with lots of resources. Also maybe try the USO. They usually do things for Christmas also for kids. Locally not within the military community there is toys for tots. You can sign up online. Id do it fast though because it usually closes the first week in December. Contact the local health department also. They can give you places to get help. And definitely do what Silverkitten said. great advice! 

Major's wife --- 10 years ago -

If the parent is in the military they have to pay for their child's support regardless of who is raising them. 

Kelly Take2 (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

Good advice already and if you don't know the soldier's unit information, you can get into contact with the Bliss Garrison Command to track that information down to get in touch with the unit Command. Here is the Bliss Phone list to get you on the right track. Chaplains are a great resource to remember and use in situations like this as well.
Keep us updated on your progress and we can guide you further if needed.
The Army takes family abandonment pretty seriously. 

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