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Hi! and Roll Call

who's talking here?

2010 1
FreeLittleFootFanClub 2
nicki aka german pal 1 3
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FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

We are finally getting settled in our house. Sorry Ive been slacking on my duties. Im back though and hope everyone is doing good and welcome to the new people! Who is all still here :D 

Kelly Take2 (Mod) --- 9 years ago -


nicki aka german pal 1 --- 9 years ago -

heyyyyyyyyyyy all ya i'm still here too had another baby in live in cove now my baby girl erin veronica was born on xmas so now still in the bipolar tx lol with 4 kids 

Silverkitten --- 9 years ago -

Here from Nov. 2011 till now. This page has been dead for a while now though. 

Kelly Take2 (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Hey Nicki! Good to see you! Congratulations on #4! 

nicki aka german pal 1 --- 9 years ago -

thanx kelly how are you and the family hope ya all well :)i know its been a minute huh 

Kelly Take2 (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

More than a minute! lol

We are good. Back from 2 years in Korea and at Fort Knox now. I'm working and he's working on a med board. I have 1 of 3 driving now!!! Yikes! 

nicki aka german pal 1 --- 9 years ago -

oh wow i hope all goes well with his med board my hubs out as well but national guard still in picture :)trying to get a transfer to fl but its a buttpain 

2010 --- 9 years ago -

Haven't been here in years, thought I would drop in and check out what was new on the page. 

FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

As you can see not much but ehh we are still here :D

Good to see you Nicki! I hope your husbands med board goes smooth and yall will get your transfer! 

LovinArmyLife --- 9 years ago -

Here and now living on post :( Going aviation soon so hope to be out of here when I get back from school!! 

Candy Jane --- 9 years ago -

I' still come here every now and then, but I stay quiet! Been busy working and taking care of the husband. Glad your all doing well, and to the ones med boarding; good luck and God speed. Take care. 

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