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I joined this crazy place on 2008-11-24, 13 years ago.

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Looking for on post housing( E-7) information - 8 years ago

I'm not getting involved in the Candy drama except to say this: Candy if you say what you want to say and keep it nice and friendly and not hide who you are, most of the drama will die down To t...

For those living in Killeen - 9 years ago

I don't know if it has changed but be careful with the electric off post bc some of them "estimate" your bill and never come out to do an actual read. You can call and require them to do so however.

Breathing life back to Ft. Hood - 9 years ago

All of the mods were at one time based at Hood and as FLFFC said, we were voted in by the members after most of the drama occurred. But all of us were members during the drama and the mod who was her...

I'm just curious....... - 9 years ago

some days I really miss the crazy days and nights on hood. LOL. Ive been bogged down in school work and looking for a job so havent been able to get on here as much :(

Happy 4th! - 9 years ago

school is going crazy but otherwise good :D

Happy 4th! - 9 years ago

Hope you had a great 4th. I spent the day tutoring for 8 hrs straight got home in time to grab a bite to eat, go to the beach and watch fireworks with friends and family, then drive my friend home. ...

Rental places - 9 years ago

as i said my friend had 3 dogs when she moved in and 5 when she moved out and her rental company was fine with it. i cant remember the name but ill see if i can find out for you.

Rental places - 9 years ago

[url=http://hoodunderground.com/topic.jsp?topicId=11710676]most recent topic about rental companies[/url]

Rental places - 9 years ago

the schools in cove are really good from what ive heard.. if your military, the odds are you will have to go on post unless you put up a fight. Scott and White is the other hospital there I think an...

Rental places - 9 years ago

copperas cove is a good place to look. I know my friends rented out there and they had a 2 or 3bd w a garage and yard and they had 5 dogs.

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