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4th abduction

who's talking here?

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KellyP --- 8 years ago -

ALERT: Ok to answer a few questions - ANOTHER CHILD ABDUCTION TONIGHT ON WEST FT HOOD. Montague Village Approx. 9pm. A Scruffy White/Tan male in Dark Colored SUV, last seen wearing a blue striped shirt. This is a different situation from earlier today, as posted. This would make 4 incidents in recent times around our community!!! 

Justine --- 8 years ago -

Holy sh*t! What the hell is going on over there! Different situation but is it confirmed its the same guy? 

zs_wifey --- 8 years ago -

Is there an update on this? Where can I get more info cause this is just damn crazy! I searched KDH and cant find anything we need to get the word out! 

Common nonsense --- 8 years ago -

Does anyone know if this actually happened? There's nothing on the news and the MPs said there was no abduction. All I can find is the same message over and over on facebook. 

zs_wifey --- 8 years ago -

Where on FB? I've also been scouring around and cant find anything. I don't want to spread the word till I get more confirmation and I can't find a thing! 

Common nonsense --- 8 years ago -

I mean the same message posted above. Everyone is copying it and posting it, but I haven't seen or heard anything from a legit. source. 

*Jamie* --- 8 years ago -

What do you mean earlier? Was there two yesterday? 

Common nonsense --- 8 years ago -

Got this from my FRSA an hour ago,.,,

THE LATEST NEWS: III Corps and Fort Hood
At 6:12 p.m. Dec. 14, military patrols responded to Montague Village, a
housing area on West Fort Hood, for an attempted child abduction. A nine
year old boy reported that an unknown male approached him in a vehicle
and told the boy "your mother told me to pick you up."
The suspect is a white male with medium-length hair, black and grayish
goatee last seen wearing a blue t-shirt and driving a four-door sedan.
Military patrols conducted a search of the area with negative results.
Army Criminal Investigation Division Special Agents and military police
are looking into the incident and are following up on leads provided by
area residents. Everyone is encouraged to remain vigilant and report any
suspicious activity to the Fort Hood Military Police at 287-4001.
"Fort Hood is committed to the safety of our children and Families" said
Deputy Commanding General-Canadian, BGen Atkinson earlier today. "We
have an active, ongoing campaign that teaches both parents and children
how to avoid dangerous situations and how to react if confronted. This
young man did exactly as he was instructed by running away from the
suspect and telling his parents." 

LuannePlatter --- 8 years ago -

OMG! We used to live in Montague, it seemed like such a quiet and safe area! We wouldn't even lock our doors.
WTF is going on around here! This is really scary...
I don't want to assume, but I do think its one of those contractors working on post. When we lived in West Hood those guys would drive around the neighbourhood aimlessly staring at every army wife that happened to be outside. They would ring my door bell 6-7 times and just stare or ask a dumb question. I had to report them.
It's a possibility...They've got access to post, they work on the houses, so they know who lives where and know everyone's schedule. 

Rachelle --- 8 years ago -

Does anyone have a child that goes to west ward if so can you message me please I have a question. 

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