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Ich bin Batman --- 12 years ago -

Now how cool is this?

Diamond Candles

I'm so ordering one, the curiosity has totally gotten the best of me, even though I don't like candles LOL 

FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 12 years ago -

Weird. So as you burn the candle you find a ring? My sound isnt working so I couldnt watch the video :D 

Redneck Martha Stewart --- 12 years ago -

arent they! i seen that somewhere and have them on my facebook and CANNOT wait until I get mine!! i think this is awesome...even if you get a cheap ring you still get an awesome candle! 

Ich bin Batman --- 12 years ago -

So as you burn the candle you find a ring?

Yep. The ring could be worth anything between $10 and $5000. I've read a lot about these and it sounds like they smell awesome too. I'll have to let you know if that is the truth or not. 

Silverkitten --- 12 years ago -

Wow I just ordered one. Thanks for turning me on to them. 

GreatestNinjaEver --- 12 years ago -

I saw them today. Have you looked at the pictures on the facebook page? One women found a ring they said was worth 1900-3000 range 

Kara --- 12 years ago -

I smell scam...

$5k ring... 

Kara --- 12 years ago -

How can you put rings in every candle?
Last Updated: Jun 24, 2011 10:42AM EDT

Is Diamond Candles a scam? How can we afford to put nice rings inside every candle?

We are most definitely are a legitimate company and are here to stay.

Think about it like this, have you ever seen ads for a detergent company on television? Ad space during 'prime time' at night is extremely expensive.
Where do they get that money from to do that? From the money they make when they sell their products they reinvest that back into getting more customers and selling more products.

Instead of us spending money on TV commercials, we take part of the money that we make from each candle sale and put a ring inside every candle.

Obviously we can't put a $1,000 ring in each candle but because we buy so many rings we get good discounts just like a jewelry store would.

See it to believe it? Head on over to our facebook page and just ask our fans and see the pictures they have uploaded of the rings they have found. 

Kara --- 12 years ago -

Diamond Candle youtube Video 

Ich bin Batman --- 12 years ago -

Thanks Kara :) 

Kara --- 12 years ago -

It seems like a great concept but I like a good old box of Cracker Jacks for a surprise. 

KellyP --- 12 years ago -

Where is the like button! Cracker Jacks...the original "prize in a prize"! 

KellyP --- 12 years ago -

I would so melt it down to find it on the first day. I wasn't even interested until y'all forced me to go watch that video! lol...thanks, now I have to find out if they ship to Korea!

Ich bin Batman --- 12 years ago -

Kelly, if they don't, you can have it shipped here and I will send it to you with this package I already have here for you that I have procrastinated far too long in sending to you LOL 

Loving.army.life --- 12 years ago -

Has anyone gotten theirs yet? 

Silverkitten --- 12 years ago -

I did, I got the sample pack of 5. I have burned two of them so far. The Strawberry Bliss was great! I loved the smell and it filled the whole house. The second one I burned was the Sweety Pea and it smells good, not very strong at all, but it didn’t burn right. I had to stop burning it and put it on a candle warmer because it was tunneling and melting. Both the rings I got so far are not real. One looks really cheap and the other one is pretty but really big. Better luck on the other three I hope. I would pay $24 for the Strawberry Bliss but I will probably never get another Sweety Pea again. The shipping is expensive also but if you get the sample pack you save on shipping. Also I know they do ship to APO addresses so you can get it in Korea however they probably won’t kill off the “Korea smell.” Where are you in Korea? I really miss it, we were at Camp Humphreys and I loved it! They could send me back to Korea any day. We will see how well we like Fort Hood, hopefully as much as we did Korea. 

Silverkitten --- 12 years ago -

Ok an update on my last post. I sent an E-mail to the company regarding my Sweety Pea not burning right. They are sending me a new candle to replace the one I have. The customer service is awesome! 

susimaru --- 9 years ago -

Is Diamond Candles a scam? How can we afford to put nice rings inside every candle?

Hi whether you want to know that "diamondcandles.com" is legit or not .Then here i guide you with some tips to check that whether the site which you found online is legit or spam one .They are

..1.Call, write, or email the website using the contact information provided on their website to check for legitimacy.
2.Visit the Whois website like WhoisXY.com to do whois search for that website and to verify if the information provided matches up with the information on the company's website
3.Look at content and photos on the website to make sure they are original and related to the company's products and services.
4.Look at the website address in the address bar of your Internet browser to verify that the website or links you have clicked on did not redirect you elsewhere.
5.Read through the website's terms and conditions before doing business with them to check for understanding and to verify the terms and conditions make sense.
6.Verify that the website's checkout or payment page is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) secured to protect your credit card number and other personal information you enter.
7.Type the company's name into a major search engine to see if they appear in search results and to see if they are mentioned anywhere else on the Internet.

If all the above details provide satisfied results for you then you can start purchasing your product.Else dont waste your time and money with them better keep them away. 

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