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who's talking here?

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MiMiGo --- 9 years ago -

Ok, I cant remember what it is called, but I know there is something a soldier can use for this. My husband just got back from a deployment to Afghanistan in July of 2011. We moved from Carson to Benning and they are talking about deploying early summer. He hasnt even been home a full year! The people here at Benning have been home since October 2010. I know this is the Army life, people getting screwed, but is there anything he can do? Its not fair. Thanks in advance! 

Ich bin Batman --- 9 years ago -

Dwell time? 

Ktown Raised --- 9 years ago -

I have been through 7 deployments and yes it sucks. Hubby was deployed three times while in Germany 3 weeks after we got there, 3 weeks after we got back to the states he was shipped off again, then again 6 months after that deployment. Then he was deployed again 6 months after we got here to NC and then his last deployment in 2009. If he stays with this unit he is in now we know he leaves again next year. In the process of trying to get into another unit/division or PCS to SC. I know this is not what you want to hear but I do not sugarcoat anything, life is not fair. Something I had to learn once we got to NC, that deployments will happen whether I like it or not. He joined the military before I came into his life. Either I can stand by my husband and support him or walk away from it all...I chose to stay right by his side and deal with it. God has gotten us this far, he will get us the next 5 years we have of this military life. 

Megz (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

If he has dwell time he can try to stay back, but I know sometimes the units ask/pressure them to sign a dwell time waiver. Depends unit to unit and needs of the army. Some guys have no choice, some do. Sorry :( 

someonesangel --- 9 years ago -

If he was deployed for 12 months, they cannot deploy him unless he signs a waiver. 

someonesangel --- 9 years ago -

Correction--since if he was deployed 12 months and hasn't been home 12 months.. 

foreverlove --- 9 years ago -

The 1 year of stabilization after deployment 

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