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I joined this crazy place on 2009-04-26, 13 years ago.

» save MrsCarissa as my FRIEND - HOSER

Hi...... Name is....Whatever.... Age is.....Deciving... Sex is...FUN!.... Bye......

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anyone been through this?? - 10 years ago

glad i am not the only one going through this matt has gotten better but there have been times where he just wakes up screaming and i cant stop him david has had to get up and talk to him like he didn...

Need photographer - 10 years ago

Wow the last I heard she was taking a break! Morgan we love you and good luck and give your babies kisses from the Mihm family!

what housing is best for e-5 with two boys - 10 years ago

alot in chaffee have exta areas too in a way it all depends on the room size and if they can count it as a room...they told us they will put you were is avaliable and venerable and perishing are condi...

wheres our google queen??? - 10 years ago

wheres our google queen??? - 10 years ago

I cant wait to see a product of megz and willma i miss you guys!

what housing is best for e-5 with two boys - 10 years ago

you will most likely get a 2-3 bed room house rank really doesn't matter unless your an officer you'll most likely get Chaffee or Mcnair what ever is available i know a family that its just her and he...

Tattoos - 11 years ago

Megz I remember sitting there watching him do that it was the bomb!

I miss... - 11 years ago

I miss them too I just was on facebook and was like wander whats going on on HU! I remember when my husband created a profile and sat there and argued with some one

Need Advice - 11 years ago

I dont think that the power of attorney can decide on signing over rights to a child.

Housing Situation - 11 years ago

So I would go back to the original people who said that it would be fine for you to be moved.

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