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I joined this crazy place on 2011-04-07, 8 years ago.

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bliss underground - 7 years ago

is there one?

Does anyone have? - 7 years ago

OH GIRL! you really did it, didnt you! :)

Pay per pound Dity move???anyone recently PCS to help me out! - 7 years ago

hey! i am in las cruces! love it here! my husband is stationed at bliss. he found the back way to work and its only like 35 miles. not too bad. worth it to live in las cruces. its sooo beautiful here....

Dity move? - 7 years ago

i am at bliss... finally. its yucky here. just my opinion. las cruces is beautiful though and i have a great house! its about 40min from bliss! its sooo much nicer here. not a military town. dont have...

Anyone know family/families overseas who I can send my expired coupons too? - 7 years ago

batman how do you make the heart???

Pay per pound Dity move???anyone recently PCS to help me out! - 8 years ago

movers are sooooo moving me. i cant deal with that! they just need to pack and pick it up... then hire someone to clean and i am done!

Dity move? - 8 years ago

how do you get an advance on travel pay ?

fort bliss - 8 years ago

my husband is signal i cant remember the unit though, sorry. i have been to las cruces once. its very pretty. we are moving very soon

LES - 8 years ago

thats true it does say that on dfas

fort bliss - 8 years ago

yeah, we went for las cruces and our house is going to $800 a month. 3 bdroom, its nice... i am securing it now b/c we are going to be there in 2 weeks. i am so happy. my husband knows he'll have to d...

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