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Pay per pound Dity move???anyone recently PCS to help me out!

who's talking here?

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mrsgoose --- 9 years ago -

Does anyone know what the pay per pound rate is or does anyone have an example of a recent move they did and how much they were paid for the weight of the move.

I understand mileage, pier diem, TLE, and DLA, but the actual "Move" itself not so much. I am investigating DITY for the simple sake of making money, but don't even know what we would be paid to do it and so investigating my options. NOt sure how much weight I have, but I do have tons of Books... 

LaLa --- 9 years ago -

I have moved both ways and personally I think DITY moves are a huge pain! 

SheShe --- 9 years ago -

I’m not one for cheating the system, but I have known several that have done it:(
You weigh your vehicle and trailer or the rental truck empty, then you weigh it again when it’s full. If you’re under your weight limit, then I would suggest cinder blocks. 

FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 9 years ago -


This article might help you some.


I can tell you from personal experience moving small distances we didnt make crap. Personally we didnt make as much as we thought we would because they take out so much for taxes. 

mrsgoose --- 9 years ago -

Fort Bliss is 500 miles. I've heard so many horror stories about the Army movers breakign things and losing things... 

FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Im not saying dont just dont expect to make a ton. Better to expect less and just be happy if u get more : ) Some other thinhs to think about is there is almost no gas stations for a long time. They have like little barely there towns every once in a while. So if you do use a truck stop when you see a gas station. They are few and far between. Also if u see a town and even a remote possibility you will have to pee... stop...lol. Oh and idk about other carriers but with sprint I had no service for about 3/4 of the trip. Verizon also had crap for service. Mind you I havent been since 2009 but this is what I remember. 

melandj --- 9 years ago -

movers are sooooo moving me. i cant deal with that! they just need to pack and pick it up... then hire someone to clean and i am done! 

mrsgoose --- 9 years ago -

yeah i am leaning towards movers as well... 

sscott87 --- 9 years ago -

I recently did my first PCS from my home of record in Alabama to Ft Leonard Wood, right at about 500 miles. Totaled barely 2500 pounds in a Uhaul trailer. Made just over $1500 off of it while expenses for gas in an F-150, trailer, and random other expenses weren't much more than $500. That's just the DITY money, not including travel pay, so I did alright.

Orders got changed during school, moving me suddenly to Ft Hood. This time I decided to let the military move me, as I wouldn't have the convenience of using my family to help, and I'd be getting the DLA pay this time. Did a partial DITY (it's THE way to go, because you're allotted up to 500 pounds in your car and get paid for that weight). It's not a lot of money but I'm expecting right around an extra $200 for the 400 pounds I had, in addition to the $1500 I made for DLA, $300 or so for travel, and the army having paid the bill for the movers.

Really it's just a case by case situation, depending on how much stuff you have (basically how small/cheap of a trailer/truck you can get to hold it all) and if you have the manpower to move it all in and out. I don't buy into the argument that it's not worth it simply because of a short distance.

Letting movers do it is so much easier, but if you go that route, definitely do a partial DITY. There's next to zero extra work involved in it, you're likely to hold on to a few boxes of stuff anyway, and it's a few bucks extra at the least. 

*Jamie* --- 9 years ago -

How do you do a partial DITY? 

mrsgoose --- 9 years ago -

Jamie it's essentially having the Army move your "Big" items and the stuff you don't readily need and then you keep a few boxes or even some special items or in my case all our baby stuff. You weigh your car/truck empty no stuff/no people and then you put your items in it and the Army will pay per weight for those items. So it ifs 200 pounds you get the pay per pound for that. Like the sscott said, you already move certain items you need close to you so when it takes a while to get your items from the Army movers. I think things like xbox, clothes, etc. might be stuff we do for a Dity. At our first meeting in February they say that e-4 are allowed 8000 pounds. So if you move 5000 pounds Army move, you are still allowed 3000 to do a partial dity with. 

sscott87 --- 9 years ago -

I haven't heard the "allowed 8000 pounds. So if you move 5000 pounds Army move, you are still allowed 3000 to do a partial dity with" thing, only that I was allowed simply 500 pounds on the partial DITY side. Though your reasoning makes sense, it's worth asking inquiring about. It'd allow for a bit more money to be made, while with a max of roughly 500, it's really just paying you for what little stuff you're almost certain to keep with you anyway. 

mrsgoose --- 9 years ago -

Oh I was told it by a SSG with Transportation. They did a very brief "brief" in February, but that no means answered my question. My husband has dependents and our rank is allowed 8000 pounds, I think it isn't until e-6 you can take more...not that we need more right now... 

Megz (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

sscot, we just did a partial dity from fort bragg, nc to fort lewis, wa and we had almost 2k in weight. we dont know how much we made off of it yet bc we were only allowed 8k total and the truck driver said he had 8400 in his truck (which I know is total bs bc we dont have near that much crap so we have to wait on a rewiegh.


another thing for those of you about to PCS...the soldiers progear (ta50, anything they bought and use for work, training manuals-army or civilian) are free weight. put them separate and make the movers mark it progear. one full computer system is considered progear bc soldiers (jnco and higher) have to write counseling statements.

also a new rule we just found out about SPOUSES are allowed up to 500lbs progear (if you have frg stuff, if you are a teacher, anything that you use for your job and if you HOMESCHOOL all of those supplies are progear) we just learned all this during our pack and move so I though id pass this along.

@mrsgoose, e5 is 10k in wieght for w dependents they told me that before. 

mrsgoose --- 9 years ago -

If you do Dity do they pay you upfront the money you estimate on pounds? LIke I go to them and say, " I have 6k pounds of goods" and they cut you a check for whatever their rate is for 6k pounds? Just curious.... 

Ich bin Batman --- 9 years ago -

No, they issues a portion of it. At least that is what they did with us. 

FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Its a portion of it. I think we got about 60% of it. Id have to look again. 

kasey --- 9 years ago -

60% is what jippso said they would advance us if we chose to take the advance for the dity(ppm)move. Im not sure if that goes by rank or what.also you are entitled a dislocation allownce, which does go by rank and it is a nice amount of money, they do not always tell you about this, you have to ask for it from finance on the out processing side though I believe. 

kasey --- 9 years ago -

We are heading to ft hood from Ft. lewis in a few days, anyone make this drive recently? 

mrsgoose --- 9 years ago -

thanks, i plan on going to a transportation meeting soon to find out...but for the time being I am so lost....

kasey, to answer your question, you will find a lot of us here at Hood have been here forever! lol...its kinda the black hole, they "joke" about it in soldier circles, once you come you rarely leave! lol megz and maybe kellyp are the only ones I know of that have left! LOL...we PCS to Bliss in 2.5 months...but other than that I have been here 3.5 years my husband has been here 6! like his whole career besides Basic and AIT... 

mrsgoose --- 9 years ago -

Ok another question to those who have recently PCS'd like in the last month or two....how much was the PPP rate??? (pay per pound) anyone know!? They would have to figure mileage right I mean if you were to hire a moving company (the army does) then you can't just pay the truckers by poundage because they incur a HUGE fuel charge since diesel is $4.03 a gallon, so how is that figured? I am just trying to wrap my head around the pay we would receive lets say if I have 5k-6k goods? 

kasey --- 9 years ago -

I hope they do keep us there forever, texas is home and when I get there I hope we never leave again....black hole here we come lol 

Megz (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

megz and maybe kellyp are the only ones I know of that have left!

LOL so has FreeLittleFootFanClub the only other ones I know of that left there got out of the military 

mrsgoose --- 9 years ago -

Im really gonna miss The Hood though! hehe..I really like it here... 

FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

LOL so has FreeLittleFootFanClub the only other ones I know of that left there got out of the military

Yup we are gone. Came back a lot while we were at our 1st new duty station but now we are at our 2nd new station since then and wont be coming back unless they PCS us back :D 

melandj --- 8 years ago -

hey! i am in las cruces! love it here! my husband is stationed at bliss. he found the back way to work and its only like 35 miles. not too bad. worth it to live in las cruces. its sooo beautiful here. i love it. people are so nice. my kids love it. they have kids to play with in the neighborhood, their parents are nice. the schools are good. there is everything in las cruces. its really nice. miss hood for my friends, buts thats about it! 

duncanoc --- 4 years ago -

Maybe you can try this DITY calculatordity move calculator 

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