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I joined this crazy place on 2011-05-09, 7 years ago.

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youth football - 7 years ago

hello, I have just recently moved to cove. I was wondering does anyone know anything about youth football in the area. I am looking for next season, my son is almost 4 so he will play flag next year. ...

While we're on the subject... - 7 years ago

trust me you dont wish you had the house has to stay spotless ocd, I have that and its making my poor kids nuts. I freak out if anything is out of place. I just want to relax and not care. They moved ...

ft lewis to ft hood - 7 years ago

thank you everyone for your help

Pay per pound Dity move???anyone recently PCS to help me out! - 7 years ago

I hope they do keep us there forever, texas is home and when I get there I hope we never leave again....black hole here we come lol

ft lewis to ft hood - 7 years ago

they didnt tell us if we had a bonus room or not in fact they didnt tell us much, I looked up the pics myself online, apparently someone else is moving out the 26th and our move in is contigent on tha...

ft lewis to ft hood - 7 years ago

[i]We just made that trip this past Oct. took us 3 days to get here. We took the scenic route going thru CA (had friends there)then cutting over (on 84) going thru AZ,NM...eventually making it here. D...

ft lewis to ft hood - 7 years ago

Are ya'll living on post at lewis? We lived on post a few years back some areas were very nice others not so much..

ft lewis to ft hood - 7 years ago

oops the topic does sound that way ,my mistake we are suppose to be in commanche2, a 4 bedroom. I have seen a few pics but have heard each unit varies alot. Do you know anything about this housing are...

ft lewis to ft hood - 7 years ago

hahahah it rainned for 42 days when I first got to ft lewis five years ago, it never freakin stops, the 2 weeks of summer you get will be great though, we are ready to go texas is home, my husband is ...

ft lewis to ft hood - 7 years ago

We are heading to ft hood from Ft. lewis in a few days, anyone make this drive recently? which route did you take? how many days did it take you?

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