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who's talking here?

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FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 11 years ago -

Its come to our attention that someone from a different underground has found a way to delete peoples accounts just by clicking on a link. Pendleton has had a huge problem with it. A ton of there users lost there accounts. It looks like the person who found the way to change the code to do it was from there. They have posted it on several undergrounds. The link was posted on here yesterday by a new person. From what we gather the link was posted wrong otherwise it would have deleted our accounts too. Please beware of any links for a while that are from people who dont regularly post on this site. Also please be careful posting links. Im not sure if Adam or Austin know about this yet but all the mods here do. We will try to keep it under control so nobody loses there account. Please just beware that this is a problem. Thank you. 

Redneck Martha Stewart --- 11 years ago -

so whomever clicks on the link deletes their account? 

FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 11 years ago -

Yup. I dont know how but it does. 

Redneck Martha Stewart --- 11 years ago -

huh thats weird. i didnt see the link yesterday and usually dont click on any links people post except when im looking for something. thanks for the forewarning. 

*Jamie* --- 11 years ago -

I clicked that link, good thing it didn't delete me. 

Common nonsense --- 11 years ago -

If you go under your profile there's a link to delete your account. Basically the people doing this cloned that link so that anyone who clicked it would delete their account immediately. Only they mistyped something, so it didn't work here, but they managed to do some damage on a few other undergrounds. 

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