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He's here!!! He's here!!!

who's talking here?

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Ich bin Batman --- 12 years ago -

Just wanted to let everyone know that FLLFC had her baby this morning at 7:57am (EST). He is 7.69 lbs and 20 inches long with brown hair...

I will leave the rest for her to share :)

Congrats Janelle. We 

Megz (Mod) --- 12 years ago -

YAY!!! Congrats on the baby boy Janelle! 

Ich bin Batman --- 12 years ago -

lol that should have said We ♥ You! 

KellyP --- 12 years ago -

Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to see pics :) 

FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 12 years ago -


FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 12 years ago -

Thanks all. We went to my apointment Thursday and they decided we needed him out now. They did an amniocentesis that afternoon to make sure his lungs were mature. They called Friday morning to tell us that they would be inducing that day. We had bad flooding Thursday night ( so bad that one of our villages had to be evacuated by boat and schools got cancelled Friday) so we couldnt make it in until 5:00 Friday night. It took three times to get my epidural in correctly which stopped working by time I had him anyways. We expected it to be very quick since all my other labors were 2 hours or under. He decided he wanted to be different. Lol. We sat up playing yatzee most the way through it. Other then the cord being wrapped around his neck at birth hes perfect. His brothers and sister are in love :D 

KellyP --- 12 years ago -

Thanks for sharing his/your story! That's neat and I'm really glad everything worked out for the best. He is so darn handsome! Enjoy! 

Ich bin Batman --- 12 years ago -

Him is soooo adorable, but then there was no doubt he would be. All your babies are adorable.... I can't wait to meet him! Start cleaning off that couch, I'm coming as soon as I can :) I miss my Janelle far too much to wait much longer ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm having Ghengis date withdrawals LOL

You know, this means I will be delivering your diaper bag in person :D I hope you like it!

Give all them babies some love for me :) 

Megz (Mod) --- 12 years ago -

He is precious Janelle. Im glad he is here safe and sound and that you are good too! 

FreeLittleFootFanClub (Mod) --- 12 years ago -

Yay! We would be happy to have you Jenn! Theres a Ghengis not far from us :D

Thanks Megz! Im so happy that I will never be pregnant again. He is such a good baby too so its icing on the cake :D 

GreatestNinjaEver --- 12 years ago -

He is precious. Congratulations @-(-- 

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