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I joined this crazy place on 2011-07-30, 11 years ago.

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Housing - 8 years ago

Living off post is not cheaper! The water bill is high and the piece to keep your home cool in the summer is outrageous as well. I know it might not be your favorite home but save up your money now ...

Praying - 9 years ago

I am praying you are all safe!

Who runs Fort Hood Area Events on FB? - 9 years ago

That is why I hate Facebook. No one has to own up to being wrong, they can delete it and block you. You have no way of knowing who they really are. It is a shame they would endorse a company known ...

Who runs Fort Hood Area Events on FB? - 9 years ago

What was the post about? Why did she block you for correcting her, and who said she should get paid? I have looked at the page a time or two but mostly to see what was playing at the drive in.

So excited!! And then not so much. - 9 years ago

I am still on Hood for now. We are going soon. This place used to be busy but now... Dead. Tell others about it and bring it back to life.

husband wants a divorce??? - 9 years ago

Let me start by saying I will be praying for your family. You might do well to post this same thing on Rileyunderground this one is dead most of the time. If you want more advice I would recommend t...

Military Bride, Free Gowns! Bridesacrossamerica.com - 9 years ago

I just saw this and thought it might help some of you out. Brides Across America: FREE Wedding Dresses to Qualifying Military Members (Just Donate $20!) Here’s a great offer for any of you mil...

rumor??? - 9 years ago

Update.... Rumor places several Fort Hood units on lockdown FORT HOOD, Texas -- At approximately 9:30 a.m. 27 Sept. several units in the vicinity of Hood Army Airfield were placed in lockdown due to...

rumor??? - 9 years ago

I found this.... BREAKING: Authorities say Peebles Elementary School on Fort Hood was locked down for a short time while a search was conducted for a man who had threatened the life of another man....

Dentist recommendations?? - 9 years ago

Carus Dental is who my kids go to see. They also have an orthodontist that sees kids twice a week. They are very good and my kids love going to see them.

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