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Help local neighbors with chores and earn extra money: - 4 years ago by Jobs for Marines and wives - Reply


how i got my husband back - 5 years ago by Deli - Reply

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Pay per pound Dity move???anyone recently PCS to help me out! - 6 years ago by duncanoc - Reply

Maybe you can try this DITY calculatordity move calculator

Ways to make money from home? - 7 years ago by Coast 2 Coast Chat - Reply

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NAME CHANGE: *bran414u* is now *none* - 7 years ago by bran414u - Reply

that's right, the only thing constant is change

Ways to make money from home? - 7 years ago by susimaru - Reply

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Housing - 7 years ago by Silverkitten - Reply

Living off post is not cheaper! The water bill is high and the piece to keep your home cool in the summer is outrageous as well. I know it might not be your favorite home but save up your money now wile you can. Also you will have to break your lease and that can be expensive too.

HELP! Where should we live? - 7 years ago by MrsStaples - Reply

But you can have an input of what type of house if you ask. I asked for a two level and they found me one. Another couple asked for carpeting and they got it.. You have to tell them what they want and they will try to provide you with such if they have it.

Housing - 7 years ago by MrsStaples - Reply

So my husband and I got married in-route so I was not on his orders when we came to Ft. Hood. Due to this, we spent our first 10 days in a hotel paying out of pocket... (We had to make an arrangement with the hotel because we didn't come here with more than $200 and take out an AER loan) Once his sergeant found out she immediately helped us get the loan and a place on post. We thought it was great... at first.
We started in Walker until our house randomly became over run by cockroaches... I'm from NH, I don't do three inch cockraoches! (Yes I keep a clean home) After putting us in a hotel for another 10 days, they moved us to McNair. Now it's not that I hate McNair, but tell me, is it cheaper to live off post? My husband just became and E3 so it isn't like we are making millions, but does anyone have experience with living on and off post?

Wainwright or McNair?? - 7 years ago by MrsStaples - Reply

I live in McNair, it seems quiet overall. The house we live in is a two level, two bedroom with a "bonus room", two and a half bath and also has a basement. We don't have any children with us here in Ft. Hood (yet) so it's a very nice size for us and our three dogs.

Wainwright or McNair?? - 8 years ago by sammy - Reply

Any Pros or Cons of them?? also any pictures you can provide would be amazing.
Thank you!!!

Haunted houses.... - 8 years ago by YeaYeaYeas - Reply

I would be curious to know what house you live in because that sounds nearly identical to the experiences we had in our house when we lived in the C3's.

HELP! Where should we live? - 8 years ago by YeaYeaYeas - Reply

The best case scenario (when we were in at least) is they give you a choice of two houses and you can pick the one that you like the best.

HELP! Where should we live? - 8 years ago by YeaYeaYeas - Reply

I'm not sure if they have changed regs in the Army or what but you don't pick where you live. I have never heard of a post allowing that but I have been out of military life for awhile now. Matter of fact, when we moved to FT Hood we were given ONE housing option, take what we are giving you right now or move off post.

Haunted houses.... - 8 years ago by a3505513uu - Reply

If anyone knows how to stop these things please message me.

Haunted houses.... - 8 years ago by a3505513uu - Reply

I live in Comanche 3, the older housing and I'm sure there are things here. We have lived here three years, I've heard a girl laughing, toys move, I've heard things on stairs and a big thud downstairs I've also felt someone sit next to me on my bed. This isn't funny it scares me to death. The house connected to ours is empty but I hear someone in there walking on hardwood floors we have carpet

HELP! Where should we live? - 8 years ago by arrieberry - Reply

We are moving to Ft. Hood soon. We have decided to live on post. We want a stand alone home. The only stand alone homes for E5 I can find are in Chaffee Village and I am hearing horrible things about that area. Any insight y'all can provide would be great. I just don't want to move into a gross house in a bad neighborhood.

anybody web savvy? - 8 years ago by susimaru - Reply

i'd like to make a website for a photography gallary... my friend sent me a link for flashpalette web design... anyone by chance used this before? it looks easy enough...but idk. i don't wanna pay for it and be like... duuuh... and waste it.

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Love and prayers - 8 years ago by YeaYeaYeas - Reply

For the soldiers and their families involved in yesterdays tragedy. Love and prayers from a former military wife.

Praying - 8 years ago by Silverkitten - Reply

I am praying you are all safe!

Have you seen these? - 8 years ago by susimaru - Reply

Is Diamond Candles a scam? How can we afford to put nice rings inside every candle?

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3.Look at content and photos on the website to make sure they are original and related to the company's products and services.
4.Look at the website address in the address bar of your Internet browser to verify that the website or links you have clicked on did not redirect you elsewhere.
5.Read through the website's terms and conditions before doing business with them to check for understanding and to verify the terms and conditions make sense.
6.Verify that the website's checkout or payment page is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) secured to protect your credit card number and other personal information you enter.
7.Type the company's name into a major search engine to see if they appear in search results and to see if they are mentioned anywhere else on the Internet.

If all the above details provide satisfied results for you then you can start purchasing your product.Else dont waste your time and money with them better keep them away.

Beware of Dish Network - 8 years ago by Major's wife - Reply

Go to JAG. They should help you.

Beware of Dish Network - 8 years ago by a4549082uu - Reply

Long story short, we got Dish Network while living off post waiting for on post housing. Finally in January our house became available . On 1/13/14 Dish came out to install our dish... They charged me a $100 fee for moving. Fast forward to today. Turns out they set up the dish incorrectly and the new tech that came out told me in the first 10 minutes he should have never set it up, there was absolutely no signal anywhere. The tech then proceeded to call and cancel our services for inability to render services.. Dish notified the tech they would still continue to charge us a $600 early termination fee. The tech then called the Nashville district manager and he even called and told the, to let me out of my contract and they still refused. The short version 2 of their " office of the presidents" agents hung up on a conference call between myself and the district manager, those two also refused to transfer us to supervisors. The last agent we spoke to was rude and condescending. I have never been treated with such disrespect by a service provider in my life. I've already contact the BBB about the situation and will continue to spread the word. Do your research and read the reviews..

Let's get this place poppin! - 8 years ago by Blondie - Reply

Hello! My name is Billie, I just turned 26. I'm a stay at home parent of two lovely little ladies and my husband is in the Army. I'm currently in college working towards gaining my B.S. Healthcare Administration which will be one large step towards becoming a Lactation Consultant. We've been trying to conceive baby #3 since October 2013 and I think this may be our lucky month!

Tell me about yourselves!

Bank overdraft fees etc. - 8 years ago by JOURNO - Reply

Anybody out there have any experience with bank overdraft fees at on-base banks, or know somebody who has? I'm a journalist at a national publication looking into this issue. Some folks think those paying these fees deserve them because they have been irresponsible with their money, while others say these are essentially high-interest loans that make big profits for the banks and could be handled more fairly with military families.

Hello to All - 8 years ago by DreamingFor3 - Reply

Hello people. How are you doing at the "Great Place" today?

Who runs Fort Hood Area Events on FB? - 8 years ago by Silverkitten - Reply

That is why I hate Facebook. No one has to own up to being wrong, they can delete it and block you. You have no way of knowing who they really are. It is a shame they would endorse a company known for swindling the majority of its readers. However if they delete the comments of those who have been duped no one will know not to trust them.

Who runs Fort Hood Area Events on FB? - 8 years ago by Anonymouse - Reply

I cannot remember exactly what it was but she was endorsing a company that is known for swindling soldiers. She has also spread misinformation about military activities (she thinks she knows everything but she certainly does not, she is not a soldier!) Some other random wife that is apparently a friend of hers went and posted on the III Corps page that the FHAE woman should be paid for what she does, by Fort Hood! I correct her and then BAM, blocked.

Who runs Fort Hood Area Events on FB? - 8 years ago by Silverkitten - Reply

What was the post about? Why did she block you for correcting her, and who said she should get paid? I have looked at the page a time or two but mostly to see what was playing at the drive in.

So excited!! And then not so much. - 8 years ago by Silverkitten - Reply

I am still on Hood for now. We are going soon. This place used to be busy but now... Dead. Tell others about it and bring it back to life.

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